Our clientele is mainly composed of universities and colleges, government agencies, private corporations (pharmaceutical, molecular farming and chemical). We are also privileged to work with some of the best architectural and engineering firms in the US and Canada. Agritechnove has a list of over 250 institutional projects. 125 of them are new construction or renovation. About 70% of Agritechnove's completed projects are located in the United States and 25% in Canada.

Our clientele includes prestigious name such as:

∴ Agriculture and Agrifood Canada (several projects)
∴ Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
∴ International Institute for Tropical Agriculture
∴ US Department of Agriculture / ARS (several projects)

∴ Acadia University
∴ Bayer CropScience
∴ Dartmouth College
∴ Denison University
∴ Iowa State University
∴ King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
∴ McGill University
∴ Medicago Inc.
∴ Monsanto Company
∴ Morgan State University
∴ Niagara Parks Commission
∴ Oregon State University
∴ Plants Science Institute
∴ Science North
∴ Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation
∴ State University of New York
∴ Syngenta Biotechnology Inc.
∴ Université Laval
∴ University of Alberta
∴ University of Alaska / Fairbanks
∴ University of California / Berkeley
∴ University of California / Davis
∴ University of California / Los Angeles
∴ University of California / Riverside
∴ University of Chicago
∴ University of Florida
∴ University of Maryland
∴ University of Minnesota
∴ University of North Carolina
∴ University of Ottawa
∴ University of San Diego
∴ University of Western Ontario
∴ University of Wisconsin
∴ US National Arboretum
∴ Virginia Commonwealth University
∴ Wellesley College
∴ Williams College